Shipping & Returns


Shipping Times and Shipping & Handling cost: 

All prices on our web site exclude shipping charges. These are displayed at check-out unless if an item or more are on promotion of free shipping. We offer various shipping methods but the main ones we use are FEDEX and White Glove Transportation. We also use UPS, common carriers, air cargo services and other independent couriers. You may use your own shipping company or use your account number to ship via UPS, FedEx, DHL or other courier account.


Order Receipt, Shortages, Damages and Order Discrepancies: 
Before your order is shipped, we inspect and check the order to confirm that the order is complete and correct. 

After we have shipped your order and after you have received your order, it is your responsibility to check the contents of the order immediately.

If an order was shipped by courier service including Fedex, UPS, DHL or other door-to-door carrier and arrives noticeably damaged, if any package is squashed, open or partly open, crushed, bent, re-taped or re-sealed, then please notify immediately if any package is not in good condition or you believe the package has been opened or re-sealed. At your discretion you may refuse any package that was delivered by courier service whereupon it will be returned to

All orders shipped by courier service are insured and we will work with you and the courier service to arrange new or replacement merchandise as quickly as possible.

Receipt is deemed to have taken place when FedEx, UPS, DHL or other door-to-door courier service or any other carrier we use has provided notification that the package(s) have been delivered. If the order was shipped by Postal service, order receipt is deemed to have taken place 7 business days after the package left our office unless the Postal Service provide documentation to show otherwise.

No claims for damages, shortages or order discrepancies will be accepted after 72 hours from receipt.

In all instances of order shortages, order damages or order discrepancies, the sole liability of will be the replacement, the repair or the refund of any merchandise that was short or damaged. Under no circumstances whatsoever will be liable for any other costs, fees, penalties, rebates, discounts, performance claims or any type of consequential loss, whether explicit or implied, if any order does not arrive in a satisfactory or complete or fully working condition.

If you wish to return your order or part of your order, please notify the office by email, telephone or fax within 15 days of the delivery date of the merchandise. If you request a return after 15 days of delivery is not obliged to accept any return.

There is no restocking fee of all or any items accepted for return by

If you requested same-day or express processing and then return the merchandise, we will not refund any of these charges if the order was processed within the scheduled processing times.

If you requested fast or express shipping and the courier fails to deliver within the scheduled service time, we will refund the shipping cost as soon as we have received notification from the courier that they failed in their service guarantee.

If you order merchandise and delivery cannot take place for any reason and the merchandise is returned, we will not refund any shipping charges associated with the returned order for non-delivery. If you wish to have the merchandise re-shipped you must notify us within 10 business days and you agree to pay the entire shipping costs again.

Sales, Special Offers, Coupons and Clearance: 
From time to time we make available special offers, discounts on items, end-of-line items, discontinued items, special sales and special promotions. All items that are sold on sale, discounted or special promotion such as free shipping then items are sold are generally non-returnable. Furthermore, if you have any kind of store credit, store rebate or additional coupons, these are usually redeemable on retail items outside of any sale or any special promotion.

If you have any questions regarding anything on our web site including products, quantities, processing, shipping, delivery or returns, please contact us either by email or phone.

Cancellation: Does not apply cancellation fees to any order which is cancelled or partly cancelled by you before being shipped. If item is shipped and you decided to cancel your purchase then you are responsible for shipping charges. 

If item is returned we will do a full inspection to make sure it is been returned in the same condition when shipped. If any damage accured you need to show a proof that you shipped it in the condition you recieved it and it has been packed safely. In this case we assume that it was damaged in the shipping and we file with the shipper for a refund or cost of repair. If a proof is not presented by you then you are liable for the damage occured. A proof can be pictures or a video. 

If your standard item(s) order has been received and we are unable to fulfill the order and/or are out of stock and/or we are unable to obtain your merchandise in a timely manner, then no cancellation fee will apply and we will issue a full refund including any shipping and handling charges. 


Thank you.