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Far Reaching Mother of Pearl Mirror

Inlaid mirror with mother of pearl and abalone on walnut. Overall dimensions: 78" W X 1" D X 60" H. cm: 198 W X 2.54 D X 152.4

Ablah mother of pearl mirror

Intricate Anglo-Indian, Moroccan style mirror inlaid with mother of pearl, silver metal wire and camel bone on walnut. can be used vertical or horizontal. 48" W X 36" H cm: 121.9 W X 91.4 H

Almendra Center Table

Octagonal center coffee table with mosaic parquetry. Dimensions - in: 36" W X 36" L X 18" H / cm: 91.4 W X 91.4 L X 45.7 H

Amira Mother of pearl Mirror

Hand-made mother of pearl, camel bone and silver metal wire inlay on walnut. Dimension - in: 34 1/2" W X 63" H / cm: 87.6 W X 160 H

Ancient carved mirror

Hand-carved teak vintage Mirror. Can be used horizontal or vertical. 54" w X 81" h / cm: 137.2 W X 205.7 H

Aqua Vera Nesting Tables

Exotic nesting side tables inlaid with abalone and mother of pearl. Dimensions - in: 23 " L X 14" W X 20" H / cm: 58.4" L X 35.6 W X 50.8 H

Arcus mother of pearl mirror

Inlaid mirror with mother of pearl & Abalone on walnut.

Atika Mother of pearl mirror

Syrian inlaid mirror with mother of pearl, camel bone and silver metal wire on walnut. 38" Wide X 72" High. cm: 96.5 W X 182.9 H

Brave night Colonial Chair

Inlaid chair with mother of pearl on solid teak with ebony finish. Overall dimensions - in: 27" w X 25" d X 54" h / cm: 68.6" W X 63.5 D x 137.2 H