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ID 496 - Levantine tall Table hand-carved.

Syrian hand-carved tapering lamp stand adorned with arabesque pattern latticework and inlaid with mother of pearl. 11" W X 11" D X 31" H cm: 27.9 W X 27.9 D X 78.7 H

ID 513 - Mother of pearl Syrian Mirror

Brilliant Mirror inlaid with mother of pearl, silver metal wire and camel bone. in: 40" W X 78" H cm: 101.6" W X 198.1" H

ID 577 - Mother of Pearl Chest

Majestic Inlaid Wedding Chest With The Most Beautiful Tulips, Sun Flowers, Vines and Roses. 26" D X 65" L X 45" H

ID 611 - Mother of pearl Syrian Mirror

Inlaid mirror with mother of pearl and camel bone. hand-crafted and inlaid in Damascus, Syria. 34" W X 77" High. cm: 86.4 W X 195.6 H.

ID 833 - Ancient bridal chest

Wedding Dresser - Chest of Drawers. Inlaid With Mother Of Pearl and Camel Bone.

ID 858 - Ottoman style inlaid table. FREE SHIPPING!

Inlaid side table with mother of pearl.