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Alhambra Side Table

Hand-carved Moroccan style Table Inlaid with Mother of pearl. hand-crafted in Damascus Syria. Dimensions - in: 19 1/2" L X 19 1/2" W X 20" H / cm: 49.5 L X 49.5 W X 50.8 H

Atika Mother of pearl mirror -M435

Syrian inlaid mirror with mother of pearl, camel bone and silver metal wire on walnut. 38" Wide X 72" High. cm: 96.5 W X 182.9 H

Emeralda chess gametable

Hand inlaid table with mother of pearl and abalone on walnut. Dimensions - in: 24" in dia X 26 1/2" H / cm: 61 in dia X 67.3 H

Fareeda Mother of pearl Table

Mother of pearl side table. Round table - nightstand alternative. 24" in dia X 26' h.

Johar Center Table

Heirloom quality center or side table inlaid with mother of pearl.

Jurieh mother of pearl table

Top Quality, Fully inlaid Occasional Moroccan Table with Mother of Pearl, Camel bone and Metal Wire. Hand-made in Damascus Syria. Dimensions - in: 24" W X 24" L X 26" H / cm: 61 W X 61 L X 66 H

Levantine Mosaic Chair

Exclusive Marquetry inlaid Chair with several kind of exotic wood mosaic and mother of pearl. in: 24" W X 18" D X 34" H / cm: 61 W X 45 D X 86.4 H.

Magic Touch Chair

Admirable hand-made mosaic marquetry chair inlaid with several kind of wood that such as lemon wood, walnut, peach wood, rosewood, pine and highlighted with inlays of mother of pearl. Overall dimensions - in: 26 1/2" W X 20 3/4" D X 29 1/2" H / cm 67 W X 52 D X 75 H

Mallorca side table

Extraordinary occasional square side table inlaid with mother of pearl. Hand-carved on walnut. Dimensions - in: 18" W X 18" D X 18" H / cm: 45.7 W X 45.7 D X 45.7 H