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Stella Mother of pearl Mirror

Mother of pearl mirror. Hand inlaid on walnut. Overall dimensions: in: 52" W X 102" H cm: 132 W X 4 D X 239 H

Sultana Mother of pearl Mirror

Astonishing Syrian mirror hand-inlaid with the finest mother of pearl on solid walnut. We have two matching mirrors in stock. Overall dimensions: in: 54" W X 102" H cm: 137.2 W X 259.1 H

Yalqoot chest of drawers

Old Syrian Arabian Bridal Chest of Drawers inlaid with Mother of pearl and camel bone on walnut.

Zaynab Bridal Chest of drawers

Mid-century Bridal chest of drawers with very nice details of floral inlay using mother of pearl and camel bone. Overall Dimensions - 47" w X 21" d X 54" h / cm: 119 W X 53 D X 137 H

Zenobia bridal Chest

Bridal Arabian inlaid chest with mother-of-pearl and metal wire. A great anchor piece for a captivating decor. 50 3/4" w X 22" d X 35 3/4" h. cm: 130 w X 56 d X 90" h