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A chest of drawers that suits you, your clothes and your space means more than just a piece of furniture; Ours come in styles with a touch of art; Mostly inlaid with mother and pearl and abalone and in different sizes so you can use them around your home. Our chests of drawers bring a touch of beauty and distinctive rich and happy look that brings any room together into harmony and explicit beauty.  

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ID 1071 -Ocean of pearls chest of drawers

Inlaid dresser - nightstand with top quality mother of pearl on walnut. Overall Dimensions - in: 39 1/2" W X 22 1/2" D X 34 1/2" H / cm: 100.3 W X 57.2 D X 87.6 H

ID 1086 - Celestial Mother of pearl chest.

Inlaid chest of drawers - nightstand alternative with mother of pearl on walnut. Great piece for an interior with a touch of a Mediterranean flare. in: 41 1/2" Long X 22" Deep X 38 1/2" High / cm: 105.4 L X 55.9 D X 97.8 H

ID 1155 - Abundance Of Pearls Levantine Chest

Inlaid chest of drawers with top quality mother of pearl on walnut. Inches: 54 1/2" Long X 23" Wide X 40" H CM: 138.7 L X 58.4 W X 101.6 H

ID 1245 - Jewel Of The Orient Syrian/Levantine Chest

One of a kind Syrian Damascene bridal chest with seven drawers. Great Statement piece that stays with you even when you leave your home. Overall Dimensions: 52" L X 25" D X 58" H.

ID 1257 - Moroccan Dresser/Chest of drawers

Hand-made camel bone inlay dresser/chest of drawers. 34 1/2" L X 19 1/2" D X 34" H.

ID 1270 - Mother Of Pearl Micro-inlay Chest

One of a kind bridal chest with over forty six inlays of mother of pearl each cut and inlaid individually. A museum quality piece made to last and appreciate for generations. Overall Dimensions: 46" L X 22" D X 54 1/2" H.

ID 428 - Moroccan style mother of pearl chest

Syrian chest of drawers inlaid with mother-of-pearl and camel bone. It brings the world of mystery and luxury right into your home! Perfect for Moroccan Interior.

ID 449 - Star Dust Dowry chest

Syrian bridal dresser / chest of drawers inlaid with mother of pearl & bone on walnut. Great Accent piece for Moroccan interior or as a statement piece. in: 20" D X 44" W X 57" H / cm: 50.8 D X 111.8 W X 144.8 H

ID 571 - Levantine Mother of pearl Chest

Charming mother of pearl inlaid chest of drawers hand-made in Damascus Syria. Great accent for Moroccan or any decor. Overall Dimensions - in: 23" D X 47" W X 56" H cm: 58.4 D X 119.4 W X 142.2 H

ID 665 - Chest hand-inlaid with mother of pearl

Inlaid dresser - nightstand with top quality mother of pearl on walnut. Hand-made in Damascus Syria. Great for Mediterranean or Moroccan Theme. Overall Dimension - in: 46" W X 20" D X 37" H cm: 116.8 W X 50.8 D X 94 H

ID 681 - Levantine Chest inlaid with mother of pearl

Fine dresser-nightstand alternative inlaid with Mother of pear. 21" D X 43 3/4" W X 36 1/4 " H.

ID 703 - Yalqoot chest of drawers

Syrian Arabian Bridal Chest of Drawers inlaid with Mother of pearl and camel bone on walnut.

ID 847 - Silver rain Mother of pearl chest

Inlaid dresser with mother of pearl on walnut. Overall Dimension - in: 22" D X 46" W X 37" H cm: 55.9 D X 116.8 W X 94 H

ID 853 - Gardinia Chest of drawers - Vanity

This piece is versatile. It can be converted into a bathroom vanity sink with a marble top. Your choice. in: 49" W X 26" D X 35" H / cm: 124.5 W X 66 D X 88.9 H

ID 9006 - Levantine Mother of pearl Chest of Drawers

Old bridal Syrian chest of drawers with very nice details of floral inlay using mother of pearl. Overall Dimensions - 47" w X 21" d X 54" h cm: 119 W X 53 D X 137 H