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Chests of drawers

A chest of drawers that suits you, your clothes and your space means more than just a piece of furniture; Ours come in styles with a touch of art; Mostly inlaid with mother and pearl and abalone and in different sizes so you can use them around your home. Our chests of drawers bring a touch of beauty and distinctive rich and happy look that brings any room together into harmony and explicit beauty.  

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Yasmine Mother of pearl Chest

Charming mother of pearl inlaid chest of drawers hand-made in Damascus Syria. Great accent for Moroccan or any decor. Overall Dimensions - in: 23" D X 47" W X 56" H / cm: 58.4 D X 119.4 W X 142.2 H

Zara Levantine Chest

Fine dresser-nightstand alternative inlaid with Mother of pearl, camel bone, brass and silver metal wire. 21" D X 43 3/4" W X 36 1/4 " H.

Zaynab Bridal Chest of drawers

Mid-century Bridal chest of drawers with very nice details of floral inlay using mother of pearl and camel bone. Overall Dimensions - 47" w X 21" d X 54" h / cm: 119 W X 53 D X 137 H