Style # 1240 - Octagon Syrian Mosaic Box.

Syrian marquetry mosaic box. 10" W X 10" L X 3 1/2" H. OUT OF STOCK. 

The Marquetry is the art and craft of covering a structural carcass with pieces of veneer forming decorative patterns or designs. The technique is applied to case furniture, seat furniture and decorative items, to decorative objects with smooth, veneerable surfaces or to free-standing panels appreciated in their own right. Parquetry is very similar in technique to marquetry: in parquetry the pieces of veneer are of simple repeating geometric shapes, forming tiling patterns such as would cover a floor (parquet). Marquetry (and parquetry too) differs from the more ancient craft of inlay, in which a solid body of one material is cut out to receive sections of another to form the surface pattern. The word derives from a Middle French word meaning inlaid work. This workmanship is known in Syria as MOSAIC attributed to the famous marble or stone mosaic craft as it has similar look. The Syrian marquetry is composed of primarily woods, but may include bone and/or mother of pearl. Marquetry using colored straw was a specialty of the Syrians from the 18th century. Many exotic woods can be employed, sometimes dyed to provide colors not found in nature, such as green wood. Techniques of wood marquetry were developed in Damascus Syria to produce luxury interiors such as mirrors, chairs and cabinets with arabesque designs. Antique pieces are to be found in luxury 18th and 19th century homes in Damascus. Arabesque intricately designs were employed to create an eternal conversational pieces. The pieces of wood were arranged symmetrically on case pieces and contrasted by colors. Modern marquetry cabinet, interiors and boxes are ordinarily a feature of furniture hand-made outside of Damascus or in small workshops in the old city.

Octagon Syrian Mosaic Box. Hand-made with various kind of wood and inlaid with mother of pearl.